3 Minimalist Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

We often talk about how to become a minimalist, but seldom mention what should be included in a minimalist’s wardrobe. Here is something you need.


Everyone needs shoes, but each f us only need a pair of casual shoes for daily activities, a pair of dress shoes for work and a pair of dress boots for winter or special occasions. For casual shoes, you may want a pair of solid black sneakers to avoid scuff marks. For dress shoes, if you often wear suits, the black Balmoral Oxford can be one of your options. For boots, try Chelsea for suit-wearing days, and chukka for casual occasions.


There are so many options when it comes to trousers. But a pair of jeans is always essential for a man. Make sure your jeans fit your body type. Besides, you may need a pair of slacks. Gray flannel is one of the good options, it matches well with literally anything in your wardrobe.


There are three types of jackets: a suit jacket, sports jacket, and blazers. Every man needs a suit, even though your job doesn’t require you to wear one. For sports jackets, it matches well with jeans and allows you to wear it casually. For blazers, it is between formal and causacasualally in darker colors.


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