3 Fashion Style Tips By 2020

Few months have already passed, since the beginning of 2020. Have you figured out your 2020 fashion style yet? If you are still struggling, here are some tips for you!


Unless you are a sporty guy, stay away from running shoes. Instead, you can consider buying a pair of white or blue canvas sneakers. You may also want a pair of dress boots. Wearing dress boots can boost men’s confidence because its heels make you look taller. One recommendation is Chelsea boots.


Glasses are one of the accessories that people often ignore. However, choosing the best glasses for you can be exquisite. You have to consider face shape, color, and pattern, etc. For headwear, you are advised to choose the flat cap and the newsboy cap. They are not going to be outdated very soon.


Everyone needs a pair of jeans. But navy denim is so common, nowadays. Therefore, try to wear a pair of dark denim, they will match well with ant clothes in your closet. Another pair of trousers that you may need this year is the performance pants. They become popular in these few years and are especially suitable for hot climates.


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