3 Ways to Protect Yourself During the Coronavirus Outbreak

It has been three months since the outbreak of COVID-19, a.k.a. Wuhan coronavirus. Despite its origin, the disease is spreading around the world fast. New cases are found every day in Europe and the United States. Although the elderly are riskier than young people, given know that COVID-19 is lethal, we all should take preventive measures as soon as possible, to keep us from suffering the disease. Here are what we should do.


Wash hands

Every time we use our hands to grab things, hold the door, hold the handrail, etc. tons of virus sticks on our hands. We get sick when we use dirty hands to grab food or something. Therefore, we should wash our hands frequently, especially before having meals and touching our faces. Note that alcohol-based soap or hand rubs are efficient in killing viruses.


Avoid crowd

COVID-19 is mainly spread by droplets. For your information, droplets can go 10 meters away when sneezing and 6 meters away when coughing. Therefore, we better keep a safe distance from others, in specific, 3 feet.


Cover mouth when coughing

Some cases of COVID-19 didn’t even show any symptoms. So, it is possible that we, ourselves, might not know if we are infected. Therefore, be considerable, whenever we want to sneeze and cough, cover our mouth. Also, we better wear a mask if we feel sick.


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