The Importance of Wearing a Mask

If you are aware of the news, then you must know that people around the world are stockpiling stuff, including masks due to the Wuhan coronavirus. You may question the importance of wearing a mask or worrying about the storage of masks. Here is some information that may help you.

How important it is to wear a mask?

So far, there is no vaccine for Wuhan coronavirus yet. Therefore, apply yourself with personal protective equipment is important. A mask is effective in provide a physical barrier and keep the virus from your hands and other’s droplets away from your face. Please be noted that wrapping cloth around your face probably will not protect you.

Should we worry about the shortage of masks?

People around the world are stockpiling masks, causing the shortage. Some countries have already released masks and other personal protective equipment. For example, in Australia, the government have released one million masks to their citizens. Most importantly, be considerable, don’t stockpile too many masks, save some for other people in need.

Not all masks are effective

We encourage people to read and check carefully before buying any masks. It already happened in China and Hong Kong that some businessman is selling low-quality face masks. These low-quality masks may be exported to other countries.


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