Which Types of Masks Can Protect Against Coronavirus?

Now Wuhan coronavirus is spreading fast around the world, taking away innocent lives every day. We should be cautious at every moment and do enough preventive measures. As we know Wuhan coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets, wearing a mask may protect you in crowd places. But do you know which masks protect you against coronavirus?

Surgical mask

You may realize that there are two types of masks, surgical masks, and respirators. A surgical mask not only can protect us against droplets but also protect the environment from contaminating by contagious patients. This mask should not wear more than 8 hours.



While a respirator can be disposable or reusable, it can protect us from inhaling droplets. But it is largely depending on the types filters you are using and whether you have replaced it frequently, it should replace the filter when it is full.


In Europe, surgical masks should comply with the European standard EN 14683, which contains three levels: BFE1, BFE2, Type R. Each level indicate the bacterial filtration efficiency of a mask. While in the USA, they comply with ASTM standards. On the other hand, a respirator, should meet the European standard EN 149: 2001 in Europe, and meet the NIOSH standards in the USA. You are strongly recommended to read carefully before buying any masks.


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