Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus

The outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus is getting more and more serious around the world. But how well do you know about this virus? How do you know if you are suffering from pneumonia? And what should we do to prevent ourselves from suffering? Here is some information.


Wuhan coronavirus is the type of virus that can cause severe respiratory problems. Therefore, its symptoms are mainly respiratory symptoms, such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, or a runny nose. But the severity varies according to individuals. It can be as mild as mild cold-like symptoms, or as serious as severe pneumonia or even cause death.


Professional reveals the fact that it is quite difficult for us to determine whether we are suffering from Wuhan coronavirus or just flu. Therefore, we need to remember and report our travel history. You should be at risk if you have travelled to any areas that reported many cases of Wuhan coronavirus.


Wuhan coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets. Therefore, we should stay away from crowd place. Cover our mouth when we cough and sneeze. Wash our hands frequently and do not touch our face with dirty hands. Wear a surgical mask if you must go to crowded places. And most importantly, avoid any unnecessary travels.


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