3 Practical Tips to Avoid Coronavirus

Thousands have been died due to the pandemic of Wuhan coronavirus. Most of us are forced or encouraged to stay at home. But what if we need to go outside? Here are some practical tips for you if you are don’t want to shut off yourself from the world.

Not hug or shake hands

We are so used to give a hug to or shake hands with who we meet, especially for the westerner. But from now on, you may want to stop all those social gestures, because they certainly can increase your risk of suffering from Wuhan virus. Instead of shaking hands, maybe you can bump elbows?

Clean your phone

The smartphone is the one thing that you touched the most. Imagine how dirty it is when you pick up your phone after touching the transportation handle. Your phone is full of germs that you can see. Therefore, sanitize your phone frequently with alcohol.

Go cashless

Look at all your notes and coins, no one has ever cleaned them or sanitized them, never! But they are going through a thousand hands every day. You will never know who has touched them before and whether those people are one of the COVID-19 cases. Therefore, avoid using cash if you can, instead use credit cards or digital payments.


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