3 Leather Goods Cleaning Tips

There is no doubt that people have questions about how to clean and sterilize their leather goods to prevent and control the infection. But before you clean your leather accessories, you should know that leather is a hide, you should care about the leather in the same method as you caring your skin. Here are some coronavirus cleaning tips for leather goods.

Can we use alcohol to clean leather?

It is well-known to us that the leather goods can not be clean by alcohol; it is because alcohol will eat through color on natural leathers and leaving a discolored mark after dry up. As most waterless sanitizers contain alcohol, so make sure the alcohol has dried before you touch your leather goods.

So How to clean the Vegetables Tanned Leather?

You can clean the leather products with an agent known to be effective against the coronavirus; we recommend using Clorox, Lysol or Walch wipes (which do not contain chlorine bleach) to clean your leather wallet and bags.

Moisturize it after cleaning

After you clean the leather goods, remember to moisturize it to using some leather conditioner prevents dryness and damage. Apply a minimal amount of leather conditioner on a soft cloth like an old T-shirt or a sock. Apply the conditioner to the leather, working it into the hide in a circular motion, and then, using a clean section of the cloth, buff the leather dry. 



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