3 Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe

The pandemic of Wuhan coronavirus has taken away thousands of lives, and the number of confirmed cases is increasing day by day. Therefore, we are strongly encouraged to stay at home and keep the social distance. Let’s see what we should and shouldn’t do to stay safe and healthy.

Do wash hands frequently

We use our hands to do almost everything in our daily life, in other words, they have probably touched hundreds of things each day! Imagine if you use your dirty hands to grab foods, you are very likely to get sick. Therefore, we should wash our hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds at least. Or we can use alcohol-based hands sanitizer to rub our hands. Noted that it should contain at least 60% alcohol.

Do consume liquids

Consuming enough liquids is not only essential to keep ourselves alive, but also important to flush away most of the toxins inside our body. By doing so, our immune system can be strengthened. Besides water, we can also drink coconut water, lemon water or water with vitamin C supplements, etc.

Don’t meet the elderly!

Under a situation like that, we are discouraged to meet anyone. But if you love your parents or grandparents, you better not meet them for a while. Because Wuhan coronavirus affects those who have low immunity the most, just like the elderly.


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