3 Tips for Staying Productive

Wuhan coronavirus is spreading around the world. The government of different countries recommended their citizens to stay at home and distance from each other. Therefore, many companies also allow employees to work from home. But is too cozy for most of us, how can we stay productive while working at home? Here are some tips for you.

Get ready

We usually feel more motivated when working at the office, because our daily routine of taking transportation to the office help our brain to get ready. We can apply the same principle at home! By the time you start working, do a particular one or two things to get your brain ready. For example, make a coffee or do some exercises just before work.

Make a list

Making a to-do list not only reminds you of what you haven’t done but also increases your motivation to work. In the list, markdown term goals as well as small goals. Every time you check off a small goal can give you a sense of success, thus making you more motivated.

Create a schedule

Working at home means that you can decide your working hours. But this is also tricky that most of us probably just want to “enjoy life” for the whole day. Therefore, scheduling all your activities is important to keep a work-life balance, and to make sure you can finish your work on time.


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