How to Build Your Interchangeable Wardrobe

An interchangeable wardrobe allows you to have a minimum amount of clothes but the maximum sets of outfits. Here are some tips on how to build your interchangeable wardrobe.


Let’s take a look at some common men’s shoe types. Balmoral Oxfords is the essential work shoes that you can wear to your office or attend interviews. On the other hand, Brogues is the pair of shoes that you can wear under some more causal circumstances. For loafers, it is the best shoes for summer, as it is a pair of slip-on shoes.


When it comes to dressing shirts, color is the main focus. Usually, white and blue are the most adaptable color. They can match well with literally any pants and jackets. If a solid color is too boring for you, Bengal or Candy stripe are the patterns that you may consider.


Now we have shoes and shirts, what about trousers? You are recommended to have four pairs of trousers, including three pairs of dress trousers and one pair of jeans. Choose trousers that are dark in color, like dark gray or navy, again, colors that can match well with any other colors.


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