How to Choose Clothes that Match Your Skin Color

When it comes to outfit and fashion, color is one of the significant elements. But do you know some color doesn’t fit your skin tone? And are you even aware of your skin tone? Whether it is pale, medium, or dark? Here are some tips that help you choose clothes that match your skin color.

Fair/ pale skin

Clothes that are darker in color may suit you, if you have pale skin and light features. Because of the dark color, like grey, brown, navy, and burgundy, etc. can contrast with your skin tone. On the other hand, avoid soft and bright colors. Choose sand and camel over white and light beige.

Olive/ medium

Luckily, most colors suit you if you have a medium skin tone. The main point is to choose colors that are either brighter or darker than your middle tone. For example, choose pale beige over warm sand, or purple over mauve. Avoid colors that are similar to your skin tone.

Dark skin

If you have dark skin, congratulations! You are capable of wearing both bright and bold colors because dark skin tone will not be able to wash away like the others. But better avoid brown, as it doesn’t contrast with your skin. And bear in mind that it is important to keep your outfit balanced.


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