How to Keep Yourself Healthy When Going Out in Public

As the relaxation of coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the reopening of cities around the world, the way you go to restaurants, shopping centers, and hair salons will change, so it’s good to think about how to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy during a prolonged period.

Don’t be too comfortable

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing, not decreasing. Many world and local leaders have warned that although some growth rates seem to be slowing, the second wave of infections may be worse. Even if unnecessary businesses and public places are reopened, remember that the threat of coronavirus has not disappeared. Therefore, you should think twice about doing until the end of locking and quarantine.

Distance, distance, distance

Staying away from socializing can mean anything, including wandering at home, not meeting friends and family, and keeping the boundaries between each other when you go out. The practice of keeping six feet away from people outside the home should extend to waiting in line at the outside. If you need to keep a greater distance from others while walking or shopping in the store, please step back or politely ask the person to give you more clearance.

Find the automatic options

Most modern buildings have accessibility buttons that can open the door for people with mobility concerns. If the door of the building you want to enter is not supported or there is no auto sensor, please look around before pulling the handle.


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