3 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

Although coronavirus is annoying, virus prevention begins at home. Here are important tips for you to create a clean and safe space for you and your family during a coronavirus outbreak.

Clean your phone

The virus can survive on hard surfaces for hours or even days. If you have been using your phone in the public, there may be thousands of virus particles on your phone. Therefore remember to get into the habit of wiping your phone every time.

Wipe the door handle

The door handle is another hotbed of the virus. This is because you put your dirty hands on them every time you come in. Please consider pitting a pack of anti-virus wipes at the door to ensure regular disinfection.

Clean with bleach

Disinfect your house by cleaning with a diluted 1:99 bleach solution. Take extra precautions by diligently wiping frequently touched surfaces.

Put your shoes by the door

Your shoes may carry a variety of bacteria, including coronavirus. Be sure to remove them before walking around at home. Wash your hands after touching the shoes, and consider disinfecting the shoe cabinet regularly.


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