3 Activities to Entertain Yourself During the Quarantine

It has been months since the outbreak of a pandemic. Although the situation in the world is getting better day by day and there were only a few confirmed cases so far this month, we should continue to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. Here we recommend some activities for you to entertain yourself during the quarantine.

Learn new skills

Staying at home, not knowing what to do? You may want to learn some new skills. In the past, we are too busy working, earning money, or take care of our family, we don’t even have time to do what we love. Now, since we have so much spare time, consider learning some new skills on YouTube, there are thousands of free tutorial videos.

Host a Netflix party

We watch Netflix at home almost every day during the pandemic. But do you know that there is a Chrome extension that allows us to watch Netflix with friends? This function not only synchronizes the video playback but also allows you and your friends to discuss the movie in a chat room.

Help those in need

As we know the pandemic is affecting every single one in the world. If you want to do some good deeds during this tough time, you may consider helping those in need by donating canned food, masks, and toilet papers.


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