3 Hidden Features in iOS That You May Not Know

Based on previous experiences, it is expected that the newest IOS will be launch around September this year. Since there are still a couple of months away, let’s get to know about the iOS and iPad OS beta, the current operating systems for the iPhone and the iPad. Here are some hidden features that you may not know.

Mouse support

It may be a surprise to you that both iOS 13 and iPad OS support the use of a mouse. You can use a wired or a wireless mouse to control your iPhone or iPad. You can also customize additional buttons, such as a button that launches Siri, on your mouse. The color and size of the cursor can also be changed. To enable the function, simply go to “Accessibility” in “Settings”, and choose “Touch”, then you will see a cursor on your screen.

Silence all unknown callers

iOS 13 helps you to filter all spam and robocalls. One of the functions in iOS 13 enables you to silence the incoming calls which are from people who you do not know. If iOS 13 cannot recognize a number in any of your message apps or contacts, all calls from this number will straightly be sent to voicemail. To set this useful function, go to “Settings”, then tap “Phone” and choose “Silence Unknown Callers”

Take extended screenshots

In the past, if we want to screen cap a whole webpage, we need to take a few screenshots first and then use another app to merge them. This entire process is too complicated and annoying. However, there is a built-in function in iOS 13 and iPad OS beta that enable you to take extended screenshots. First, take a normal screenshot and tap on the thumbnail. Then, you will see a “Full Page” option on top of the screen. To finish the screenshot, just choose “Full Page” and do every editing or writing as you needed.


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