3 Social Distancing Tips For You

Many countries are still locking down because of the pandemic. However, some essential activities like grocery shopping force us to leave our house. To avoid being infected in public places, here we suggest some social distancing tips for you.

Stay 2 meters away from others

If you need to go to a public place, remember to keep a safe distance from others ever since you walk out of your house. For your information, the “safe distance” is at least 2 meters. Be patient in the grocery store, do not go to grab goods in the freezer until the customer before you left. And also keep in mind to keep a distance from shop workers too.

Shop alone

Shopping alone not only lowers the chance of your family and friends getting infected but also reduces the number of people in the grocery store. Thus, people will be easier to keep a distance from each other.

Use delivery services

Clearly, you don’t really need to go to grocery stores for everything, for example, canned food. Nowadays, more and more shops provide online shopping and delivery service. You can avoid the virus and save more time at the same time.


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