3 Activities That You Can Try During the Self-quarantine

The pandemic forces most of us to stay at home. Staying at home all day is not only boring but also can damage our mental and physical health, as we may easily feel depressed and unmotivated. Therefore, here we introduce you to some activities that you can try during the self-quarantine. 

DIY spa day 

During the pandemic, the government forbids us to go to beauty or massage parlors, places that we usually go to relax. But this doesn’t stop us to find happiness at home! We can DIY our SPA day by throwing on a robe and turning on some relaxing music. Put honey or cucumber on our face as a face mask and take care of every inch of our body, from head to toes. 

Sweet Healing 

Other than setting up our own SPA day, we can also bake some cakes or cookies. Baking is a wonderful choice to relax and clean up our mind, as baking helps us to switch our mind from distracting thoughts to baking steps and instructions. 

Chant om

Meditation is an excellent way to manage stress and mood. It can also improve our self-awareness. Simply try different mindfulness exercises such as mindful breathing, eating, or walking. It is even better if we can include these exercises into our daily routine.


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