3 Things That Minimalists Will Not Do

You might think that minimalists are nothing more than white walls and neat countertops, but that is not all. Minimalists know that reducing the workload will provide more space for work. Whether your desk is tidy or the bookshelves are full, consider the three things that minimalists will not do.

They don’t worry about other people’s thoughts

Minimalists will practice more when doing what they think is the best, rather than following pubic opinion. What do they think about me? When we let go of what terrible inner voice, we will make the best choice.

They don’t spend Saturdays cleaning the garage

Minimalists refuse to give up their free time for additional maintenance. They let go of things they no longer use, it takes less time to clean up and organize all the trash you store, which means more Saturdays are spent doing what you like.

They don’t let the past decide their future

If you don’t clear outdated items, it’s like your past has always been with you. You don’t need to own everything to support you. Just keep things that support who you are and let go of other unnecessary stuff.


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