4 New iOS 14 Features You Should Know

Apple has introduced a new iOS 14, however some new features may make Apple iPhone new users uncomfortable, so let us introduce some new features of Apple iOS 14 to you.


With the new operating system, the home screen of the revamped iPhone and iPad will contain widgets, which allow you to view weather information at a glance on the home screen.  Prior to the announcement at WWDC, iPhone users could only have apps on the iPhone’s home screen. 


Apple also announced a new picture-in-picture feature for iOS 14, which allows users to watch videos while using other applications.  The video will shrink and can float anywhere on the screen.  It can also be swept away, and the audio of the video can still be played.  But if you wipe the video, the audio will not continue to play.

App clips

Apple’s application clips allow users to quickly preview “small parts” of applications without having to download them.  When App Clips are compatible with Apple Pay and Apple Login, this comes in handy when trying to pay for takeaway or parking. 

App library

Another part of Apple’s redesigned home screen is an application library that organizes your applications into groups and lists.  With the new home screen in iOS 14, users can also “hide” the app from their home screen. 


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