4 Tips to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

Whether you want to minimize the closet to the absolute minimum, or just want to reduce the excess items in your wardrobe, you will find these tips feasible.  Here are 4 tips to create a minimalist wardrobe at home.


Wear fewer colors

Most of us already have some of the favorite colors that we usually wear because we like the way we look in them.  Choosing to deliberately wear less color means fewer accessories you need to wear, therefore you will own less clothing.


Embrace an idea of one

As long as you have enough, hug it – a white dress, a bathing suit, a winter dress, a black boots, a pair of sneakers, a handbag… Insert enough accessories according to your occupation, lifestyle or climate.


Purchase quality is better than quantity

Only buy simple clothing that you really like, even though it is at a higher price.  If your closet is full of things you like, you will have no more desire to add it, therefore it will make it easier to maintain a minimalist closet.


Avoid the sale racks

Although sales can be used to help you get a better price on something you want, most sale racks are designed to convince you to buy what you don’t. Try not to buy unnecessary  clothing and create a wardrobe that only contain what you need.


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