Google Meet Tips and Tricks

Google Meet is like a FaceTime app, anybody with a Google account can start or join a meeting. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use Google Meet.

One-click meeting

One of the best parts of Google meet is that you can start the meeting in one click. The homepage is very simple, you can just click a create meeting button to schedule for a meeting. All the meeting will be displayed on the page so that this help you remember all the meeting you have scheduled for that day.

Live subtitles on Meetings

Google meet is the only service that can add real-time captions to the meeting so you can understand better. You can choose to enable or disable the function by clicking a button under the main window. This is a good feature, if you cannot hear the sound or your connection is very weak, you can still understand what the person says.

Share your screen

If you want to show your presentation from your computer, you can try using Google Meet. In this service, you can project your desktop screen to the live meeting instead of your camera feed. You can choose to share the entire desktop, or you can choose to share a window.

Available everywhere

Google meet is an application that you can use it everywhere, you can create or join meetings from any accessible devices. You can just go to the Google Meet website and use your laptop to create or enter a meeting, or you can use your smartphones to download the application to access the meeting.


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