3 Reasons Why Successful People Wear the Same Clothes Every Day

The capsule wardrobe movement is far from mainstream. However, as some celebrities have raised social awareness, more and more people are applying minimalism to their fashion.

Fewer decisions

Decision fatigue refers to the continuous decline in the quality of decisions made by individuals after a long period of decision-making.  For people who make important decisions every day, even if they don’t wear clothes all day (choose clothes in the morning), they can have more thinking space and higher productivity all day long.

Less time wasted

Before we started moving away, we didn’t know how much our property had become a burden.  But when we did this, we immediately discovered a new life of freedom and opportunity. One of the greatest benefits of restricting the wardrobe is the gift of time, so getting ready in the morning will become easier, faster and more efficient.


Wearing a uniform can be a mature way, or it can be imitated less charitably. Uniforms will imply that they will become as you age. Wearing the same clothes every day is a way to protect yourself as the protagonist. That’s why the characters in the picture book never change their clothes.


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