Food and Nutrition Tips During Self-Quarantine 

Good nutrition is essential to health, especially when the immune system may need to resist. Even with very few ingredients and limited ingredients, people can continue to eat to support health.

Consider what you needs

Panic buying behavior may have negative effects, such as rising food prices, over-consumption of food, and uneven distribution of products.  Therefore, it is important to consider your own and the needs of others.  Evaluate the food you already have in your home and plan your intake. In this way, you can avoid food waste and allow others to get the food they need.

Prepare home-cooked meals

In normal daily life, many people usually do not have time to prepare home-cooked meals.  Now you can spend longer at home making recipes that you didn’t have time to make before.  Take advantage of the vast amount of information provided for free, and try to use the ingredients you can get.

Take advantage of delivery options

Although home-cooked meals should be given priority, some cities and countries have more advanced ingredients and ready-to-eat meal delivery systems.  Some solutions include “non-contact” options that do not require human intervention to support self-isolation. Keep in mind that these services may be overwhelmed and you may want to consider exploring the services available in your area.


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