3 Tips to Shop Like a Minimalist

The minimalist lifestyle is living with intention. There must be an intention before you buy anything. Therefore, consider the following 3 questions toward having a minimalist mindset.

Do you need it?

This is the first question you should think of before making an unintentional purchase. On the road to become a minimalist, this question must be ask first. You may try out this question when you consider buying an item.

If you don’t buy it now, will you forget it later?

If you want to buy something but you are not sure whether you need it or you just want it. Let’s think of the following two question. 1) You won’t be able to forget it if you don’t buy. 2) You won’t remember after you buy it.  In most of the time, we are the second one, that means actually we don’t really need those things.

How useful is it?

If you realize that something you will not use it for many time, then it might not worth to buy. You might try to buy things that can perform multiple tasks, or you may think of the usefulness before buying an item.


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