Clean Your Closet In This Locked Season

Although you may have bad feeling of staying indoors during lockdown, there are some great things you can do. Cleaning your wardrobe is a great way to be productive and have a good time in your closet.


Once you opened your wardrobe, you will realize that there’s lots of clothes you have not touched it for many years, and you will not use it in the future since they may be out of fashion. Therefore, you should gather, pack them and donate them to those in need.


After decluttering, your closet will become lighter, so you can segment it now.  Organize the formal clothing and hang them up carefully, as you may not use them for a while.  Keep comfortable everyday clothes in the most accessible place, because you want them to be easy to reach. 


Wardrobe cleaning involves not only clothing, but also accessories. Take a closer look at the shoes, bags, belts and scarves. Clean up the accessories you no longer use, once the lock-up period is over, you can revamp the closet and make room for the items you want to buy.


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