How to Stay Connected With Your Loved One

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the world. In order to reduce the spread of disease, social distancing has become the new normal.

Do things together

Being far away from others doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. You can read books, learn new skills, learn new languages, and even start a business together. These activities help you stay active and build more bonds with friends and family. Moreover, you can attend a Netflix party instead of watching a movie alone. In this way, you can comment and interact with your loved ones just like you are together.

Video call

Many schools and companies have used video conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet to hold a large video call in the Internet. However, these applications are not only used for work and school meetings, but also for personal interaction with your friends. In fact, video calling applications such as Whatsapp, and Skype are tailored to allow people to interact on a personal level, so that next time you may chat with your friends using these video call applications.


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