3 Ways to Live With Less

Minimalism is a way of life that they have never been introduced or invited to explore. The benefits of a minimalist life have never been explained. Here are three ways to live with less.


We wear 20% clothes 80% of the time. This means that our wardrobe are full of clothes that we no longer like or no longer fit. They are just taking up space. Taking off all unused clothes can makes the closet lighter, hence it can reduce the stress of choosing clothes in morning, and the closet is full of your favorite things.


Many decorations in home have no value to our lives. When we walked into the store, we just buy some decoration that match the color of the carpet or on sale. Take a moment to walk through your home, take away them and only keep the most meaningful and beautiful decorations.

Cooking utensils

When we are cooking, simple is always better. We need far less cooking utensils than we have. Store all the unneeded utensils in a plastic bucket, put them out of sight, and see if you like to cook in a new and tidy environment.


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